Skip The Line – A Look at The Inside

On a recent trip to Italy we were in Rome with guests, in cold and rainy weather. We did not care, as we were off to see the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. Our guests had no idea what was in store for them as we passed a line several blocks long of around 500 ​people waiting in their rain ponchos. At each checkpoint our guests hesitated as I kept smiling. We stopped at a separate entrance, for people that had a reservation, and were admitted with no waiting.

I cannot believe that people do not take some time before they leave find out how to skip the line. But of course it is hard. There are so many con games on-line and travel agencies that look like the real deal when you go to book your skip-the-line tickets. The Vatican runs it’s own site. You can book your tickets starting two months before your desired visit. Put it on your calendar and start booking right when the tickets open up. Choose between a guided or self guided tour. Remember first thing in the morning or two hours before they close are the best times that I have seen. It is always crowded, but these are the periods when you have less people. Here it is-the official site to book your tickets- Official Vatican Museum Site
Of course if you want you can always go with us-we do all the work for you!